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Amount of Scholarship

The Jane Carter Memorial Scholarship for Future Educators will annually award a one time scholarship in the amount of $600.00.

Prerequisites for Application 

Students applying for the scholarship must

  • be a graduating senior from San Saba High School, San Saba, Texas.

  • be enrolling in an accredited college or university that issues a degree in education.

  • be planning to major in the field of education with the specific intent to pursue a profession as a classroom educator and obtain a teaching certification from the state in which they intend to teach.  The specific field of education is irrelevant.  The applicant may be pursuing an education degree in math, science, music, physical education, the arts, history, family and consumer sciences, foreign language, special education, agriculture, elementary education, or any other field of education.

Restrictions for Application 

Students pursuing a degree in the field of education, but not as a classroom teacher (pursuant to certification) will be disqualified from the application process.  Examples could include, but are not limited to, teacher’s aide, school counseling, school administration, library sciences, security officer, support services (bus driver, secretary, cafeteria staff), etc.  All decisions concerning this clause will be made by the Scholarship Board and will be final.

Scholarship Timeline

April 1                Application deadline.  The online application will close at 11:59 PM.

April-May         The Scholarship Board will review all applications and determine one recipient.

Graduation       The scholarship recipient will be announced.

Recipient Requirements

The recipient of the scholarship will

  • provide the Scholarship Board with written documentation proving acceptance and enrollment in an accredited college or university by June 15

  • provide the Scholarship Board with the contact information of the college or university financial aid office


The Scholarship Board will send the award directly to the educational institution in the name of the recipient.

Equal Opportunity

Scholarship decisions will be made regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability, or other characteristics protected by state or federal law.  We encourage all qualified candidates to apply.

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